Add your own logo

As the official instructions for the theme explain (see: Adding a Logo), your logo must be an image with dimensions 150x150.

We've already added this to your wiki's CSS:

/* Show a logo for the wiki */
#header h1 a, #header h1 a:hover{

To change the logo you either:

  1. Go to the welcome page and upload a file named wiki-logo-150.png with dimensions 150px by 150px, or
  2. Upload a file to a different location or with a different filename, and edit the CSS to reflect these changes

Editing the CSS

You can edit the CSS using Site Manager.

  1. Site Manager
  2. Appearance
  3. Custom Themes
    (Direct Link to Custom Themes) (Open Custom Themes in a new tab/window)
  4. Click "edit" next to the theme titled monobook-fereal
  5. Find the following line: #header h1 a; #header h1 a:hover{
  6. Edit the background-image:url option so that it has the correct URL
  7. Save the changes
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