Newly Added Treasures section

Since this section wasn't being updated frequently enough to show items that were actually recently added, and since doing so requires a massive investment of editors' time for very little gain, I have decided to replace the 'Newly Added Treasures' section with 'Random Treasures'. This will not need frequent updating, so should make things much easier, as well as still look reasonable if it isn't updated for a while.

Version 2 of 'Random Treasures' includes some JavaScript code that shows 10 different random treasures every time the page is loaded. It selects these from a larger database of items that's contained in the page code. It should be reasonably simple to expand this list even for those unfamiliar with JavaScript, just by briefly examining the code. Just look for the text that says "/* Add more items in here." then copy the code for the previous item, and just update it with the details of the new item.

There's no rules for what items should or shouldn't be added to this list. Just try to have a good variety, both in the type of item and its appearance, and choose things that look pretty or interesting. This section can be updated as frequently or as infrequently as you like.

~ UlyssesBlue [admin]

Updating the Newly Added Treasures section

This is a guide for how to keep the Newly Added Treasures section updated.

Amount of items

Approximately 2 lines of items. List these in order of descending item number, so the newest item is listed first.

Exact quantity fluctuates and is dependant on how recently the items have been added.

Either add or remove entire sets at a time. Don't have only some items from a set.
A set is something like a series of shirts in different colours, or some stitchies that were all added at the same time (item numbers will probably be consecutive, or there will be a news post about them).


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