Item Database Updates

Any assistance you can provide to keep the item database updated would be greatly appreciated, even if it's just one or two pieces of information. It goes a long way.

Collecting Information

Item No., Item Name, Image File, Category, Rarity, Description

These can be found on the item page, which can be found by searching for the item in the search box located up the top of every page on Kingdom Sky, and then clicking on the item in the search results. The following image shows where this information comes from. The Image File is obtained by right clicking on the image.


Wearable Information

To determine if an item is wearable, click on it in your inventory and see if "Send to closet" is listed as an option in the drop-down menu.
The Wearable? column can be filled in with Yes, No or Icon. Leave blank if unknown.

To obtain the wearable files:

  1. Send the item to your closet.
  2. Put the item on at layer 5 (or whatever your last layer is).
  3. Go to the Hair layer and make sure this is NOT set to Display: Above layer 5 (or whatever your last layer is).
  4. Right click your avatar image and copy image location.
  5. Paste the link here in the below table.

Wearable Type is just a label that I assign for organisational purposes, so don't worry about this.

Icon File

These are not listed in any particular location and can only be found by browsing Kingdom Sky. Good places to look include the shoutbox, online list and forums. Right click the image and select "Copy image location" (in Firefox) to obtain the url.

Missing items

If you know of an item missing from the item database, fill out as much information as you can in the below table. (Or in some other delimited form if that's easier, and I can convert it.)

Item No. Item Name Image File Wearable? Female Wearable or Icon File Male Wearable File Wearable Type Category Rarity Description
1205 Apple Rock Candy Noms Uncommon Makes for a lovely autumn gift. This apple candy is sweeter than most.
1206 Orange Rock Candy Noms Uncommon Use to stir hot tea for a sensational beverage.
1207 Cherry Rock Candy Noms Uncommon Deliciously bold and sweet. Makes for a lovely gift.
1208 Watermelon Rock Candy Noms Uncommon Your mouth will water with one taste!
1209 Blueberry Rock Candy Noms Common Remember to brush your teeth or they will be stained blue.
1210 Grape Rock Candy Noms Common Made with pure grape juice and cane sugar. At least it is half healthy, eh?
1211 Red Butterfly Hair Pins Clothing Special A butterflies natural beauty will complete any formal attire with grace.
1212 Blue Butterfly Hair Pins Clothing Special The delicate butterflies on these pins may attract real butterflies while strolling through Saki Gardens.
1213 I Love Ks Bracelet Clothing Special Show your Kingdom Sky pride with this awesome band bracelet! All of your friends will be asking you where they can get one.
1214 Gold Hoop Earrings Clothing Special Made from real gold found beneath Starry Cloud Isle.
1215 Silver Hoop Earrings Clothing Special These silver earrings are so shiny that they will shine no matter what direction you look at them.
1216 Feathers Of Love Clothing Special Feathers certainly make for very trendy hair accessories.
1235 Sacred Regal Heart Sacred Special A legendary heart rumored to transform a guardian of pure, noble heart into a valiant creature protected with the finest, gold armor and decorated with the most precious of jewels, as a symbol that as long as there are those willing to stand up for and fight evil-good will always prevail.
1441 Jolly Mr Snowman No Book Special The day Jimmy and his friends made Jolly little did they expect what happened next.
1442 Snow Wars No Book Special As the first snowball of the season was launched everyone knew what it meant. It was the start of a winter war.
1443 The First Snowflake No Book Special Please don't try to catch this with your tongue, it is made out of paper
1444 Under The Tree No Book Special Todd woke up to the sound of sleigh bells and foots steps on the roof, he rushed down the stair and stared in awe as he saw what was under the tree.
1445 Christmas Tree Icon Icon Icon Special All the lights and Christmas cheer.
1446 Candelabra Icon Icon Icon Special What a beautiful Candelabra.
1447 Dreidel Icon Icon Icon Special Spin the dreidel and see where it lands.
1448 Holiday Gift Icon Icon Icon Special Oh dear, something seems to be making quite the ruckus in there.
1449 Candy Cane Icon Icon Icon Special Sweet peppermint delight!
1450 Peegu No Keeper Special A favorite keeper of the Lex, the Peegu is as sweet as it is adorable. It will often dance in the hopes that you will offer it delicious noms.
1451 Snowball Stitchy No Stitchy Special Just because it is not made of ice does not mean you will not have it thrown at your head. You have been warned.
1452 Writer Staff Icon Icon Icon Special Icon indicating that the user is or was once a writer for Kingdom Sky
1453 Artist Staff Icon Icon Icon Special Icon indicating that the user is or was once an Artist for Kingdom Sky.
1454 Manager Staff Icon Icon Icon Special Icon indicating that the user is or was once a Manager for Kingdom Sky.
1455 Administrator Staff Icon Icon Icon Special Icon indicating that the user is or was once an administrator for Kingdom Sky.
1456 Programmer Staff Icon Icon Icon Special Icon indicating that the user is or was once a programmer for Kingdom Sky.
1457 Owner Staff Icon Icon Icon Special Icon indicating that the user is or was once an Owner of Kingdom Sky.
1458 Pumpkin Pie Stitchy No Stitchy Common Its pumpkin-scented stuffing may be tempting, but you should probably refrain from eating it.
1459 Lucky Star Match Stitchy No Stitchy Uncommon Increasing your jackpot chances by 0.000001%! (Not really.)
1460 Pleasant Cupcake Stitchy No Stitchy Common The friendliest faux cupcake around.
1461 Cursed Blight Heart Sacred Special WARNING: Guardian exposure WILL result in unknown and probably dire consequences. Use is HIGHLY discouraged. You have been warned.
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