Celestria's Trivia


In Angel's Trivia you'll be asked a question by Angely, Angel's personal guardian! The question can be about anything, and I mean anything! Maths, dates, general knowledge, anything you can think of! Don't worry though, your hard work will pay off with a great reward! You'll normally get a rare item with a bit of CC too! There's a catch, though, you get one chance to answer the question, if you get it wrong you can't try again until a new question is asked. Be sure to read the directions carefully, there might be a specific way to write your answer!

Birthday Bash


Is it your birthday month? Well if you answered yes to that question you better go visit Birthday Bash! Just like everyone else Kingdom Sky knows people like getting gifts on their birthdays and if you're anxious to see what you got…you can visit it on any day of your birthday month and get the gift! Just remember, you can only get it once!

Golden Locker


A curious safe that can be opened by only one combination. Good luck - the combination can be any number between 1 and 500. Vast riches can be yours, but only if you guess correctly! Golden Locker can be played once every hour.



Every so often the realm must come together to decide important issues. Do your part and participate by voting! You'll even get some Cloud Coins for your trouble. Questions are added every so often, so be sure to check once in awhile. You can vote on each issue only one time.

Up or Down


An ancient game of skill and luck, Up or Down is all about intuition and probability. Will the mystery number be higher or lower than the number you see? Choose carefully; the possible numbers range between 1 and 13. You can play Up or Down 25 times a day.

Weather Wars


Rock-paper-scissors, Kingdom Sky style. Tornado defeats Wind, Cloud defeats Tornado, and Wind defeats Cloud. You can play Weather Wars 30 times a day.

Wings or Halo


Flip a coin - will it end up Wings? If so, your winnings double… but if not, you lose it all! It's up to you if you want to press your luck or play it safe. You can play Wings or Halo an unlimited number of times.

Vending Machine


The mysterious Vending Machine is filled with rare and incredible items, but you'll only get a chance to see them if you're lucky enough to find a Vending Machine Coin!
Here are the currently known probabilities:

Free Gift


Try your luck at finding a free random item! Sometimes you'll get something, and sometimes you won't. You can play Free Gift once a day.
Here are the currently known items that you can receive:

Lucky Star Match


In Lucky Star Match you can try your luck at winning the CC Jackpot. It costs just 25CC for every spin, meaning you will most likely receive more back.

You can spin up to 100 times a day & if you are lucky, you may receive the jackpot! If you aren't so lucky, then please don't worry.. as you are most likely to receive enough to burn once more!

Here are the current prizes that you can receive:

What's that item?


Think you know your items here on Kingdomsky? Well go ahead and test your knowledge! In this game you'll be shown a picture of an item of any rarity and any category that's currently released on Kingdomsky. Your job is to type in, with correct spelling and spacing, the name of that item. For example, if you're shown a picture of, say…a pencil, you have to type in pencil. You get awarded with 100cc with each correct answer you give. Be careful though! you only have 15 seconds to give the correct answer! Like Lucky Star match this game requires 25cc to play each turn and you can play up to 50 times in a single day.

Word Scrambler


In Word Scrambler, you have to unscramble the word given to you. The word will be related to Kingdom Sky in some way. For each game, it costs 25 Cloud Coins to play, however you can win 100cc if you unscramble the word correctly. Be quick! You only have ten seconds to answer correctly! Like What's that Item?, you have a maximum of 50 plays a day.

Donation Dump


Want some free items? Well, come to the donation dump and you can get up to 10 items every day. The items in the Donation Dump varies and occasionally, you will see event items there too. You can also donate to the Donation Dump with items in your inventory.

The Farm


The Farm was previously The Great Drought (when you could water the farm 3 times an hour). Every day you can come by the magical farm to snatch up a food item for free.

Word Hunter


Word Hunter is a weekly game that has you searching for 7 words that relate to Kingdom Sky! They can be items, guardians, even usernames! When you think you have found all seven, enter them in the boxes below the world search in alphabetical order. The first letter of your word MUST be capitalized.

Secret Pal Gift Exchange


The game to gift in secret! You can choose different levels that determines the rarity of the items you must gift your secret pal. Basic costs 1,000 CC with a rarity of r1-r30 items to gift. Deluxe costs 10,000 CC with a rarity of r31-r70 items to gift. Extravagant costs 50,000 CC with a rarity of r71+ items to gift. You have 48 hours to gift your pal, and if you don't, the game ends!

Crossword Craze


Similar to Word Hunter, Crossword Craze is that of a normal Crossword Puzzle except related to Kingdom Sky! Use the clues to fill in the crossword puzzle. Once you complete the puzzle, unscramble the letters in the blue boxes to figure out the mystery word. For example, if the theme of the Crossword is Guardians and after solving the crossword, the highlighted boxes contain the letters S, O, N, L, and O the answer you would submit is Solon. Submit ALL your answers INCLUDING the mystery word in ALPHABETICAL ORDER separated using ONE space in the box below.



Starfall is similar to that of Tetris! Use your right, left, and down arrow keys to move the blocks while using either x or z to rotate them. Remember that you have to create horizontal lines to earn points!

Ticket To Riches


Ticket To Riches is a lottery that costs 1000CC to play. You can enter once a week. Results are announced on Mondays at midnight.

Sacred Gift Bag


To show their appreciation, the Elders will periodically put sacred gifts for the members of the Kingdom Sky community. The Sacred Gift Bag is updated once a week.

Lemonius Citrovsky


Lemonius Citrovsky is a weekly non-KS trivia challenge.

Gem Seekers


Gem Seekers is a game not unlike Snake! Don't run into the walls, and be sure not to run into your own tail, either. The golden gems are worth 30, purple worth 150, red worth 225, and rainbow 300.

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