Chamber Of Arms

ID 8
Location Pyrro Mountains
Owner Gabriel
Stocks Regular
Serving 40 Items
Shop Quick Link

Item Guide
Image Name Ranged price Rarity Wearable?
eirisswordalone_zps1ce1c1a9.png Amalthea Around 3,425 CC Uncommon Yes
holystaff_finsmall.png Blessed Staff Around 2,444 CC Uncommon No
boomerang.png Boomerang Around 4,800 CC Uncommon No
bottledfireflies.gif Bottled Fireflies Around 2,010 CC Uncommon No
BottledLightning.gif Bottled Lightning Around 1,300 CC Common No
bottledhearts.png Bottled Love Around 547 CC Uncommon No
BottledStrength2.png Bottled Magma Around 888 CC Common No
bottlewithcrab.png Bottled Ocean Around 15,000 CC Rare Yes
bottledrainbow.gif Bottled Rainbow Around 1,900 CC Common No
BottledRawr.png Bottled Rawr Around 2,112 CC Rare No
snowstormbottle.gif Bottled Snowstorm Around 14,000 CC Uncommon Yes
BottledStarsflat.png Bottled Star Around 3,219 CC Rare No
Bottled-Wind.gif Bottled Wind Around 1,352 CC Uncommon No
celestialmacefinsmall2.png Celestial Mace Around 1,111 CC Uncommon No
CloudSword.png Cloud Sword Around 6,550 CC Common No
thexoticsickle.png Crescent Dagger Around 5,500 CC Uncommon No
Broadsword.png Dagger Of Righteousness Around 854 CC Uncommon No
vampirestakelw_by_r0se_designs-d839dif.png Deep Cherry Wood Vampire Stake Around 1,477 CC Uncommon No
GrassShieldITEM.png Earth Shield Around 5,000 CC Uncommon Yes
FlameShieldITEM.png Flame Shield Around 7,000 CC Rare Yes
FlamingTrident.png Flaming Trident Around 5,500 CC Uncommon No
GoldenDagger.png Golden Dagger Around 333 CC Very Common No
FallenHalo.png Halo of the Fallen Around 9,999 CC Very Rare Yes
Grenade.png Happy Grenade Around 160 CC Very Common No
heartshield.png Heart Shield Around 240 CC Very Common No
IceShieldITEM.png Ice Shield Around 7,500 CC Rare Yes
suncoin.gif Lost Jungle Coin Around 25,000 CC Very Rare Yes
Mother%27sLocket.png Mothers Locket Around 8,952 CC Rare No
divinechakram.png Mystical Sphere Around 6,500 CC Uncommon No
NinjaStars.png Ninja Stars Around 400 CC Common No
ScepterofRighteousness.png Scepter Of Strength Around 1,500 CC Uncommon No
scytheoftruth.png Scythe Of Truth Around 320 CC Common No
ShieldOfCupid.gif Shield of Cupid Around 7,000 CC Very Rare No
SmiteHammer.png Smite Hammer Of Doom Around 80 CC Very Common No
tridentanimation.gif Spade of the Sea Monk Around 7,000 CC Rare No
spearoftruthfinsmall2.png Spear Of Pain Around 422 CC Common No
stankehpotion.png Stankeh Potion Around 4,800 CC Rare No
starbomb_finsmall.png Star Bomb Around 1,553 CC Uncommon No
sidhestarcatcher.png Starcatcher Shield Around 1,240 CC Uncommon Yes
87hrOC8.png Sunset Plate Around 9,800 CC Rare Yes
SwordOfAges.png Sword Of Ages Around 13,000 CC Rare Yes

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