Dailies Guide

Here at the Dailies Guide, I will list some things Kingdom Sky users should do each day.
So you want to know more about where to start your day at ks, ehh?? Well, you've come to the right place.

Daily Sb quotes of the day

Dec. 1st, 2012
Erichu had her baby!!!! :flails:
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Dec. 4th, 2012
Well he is going to be forever farmer. xD
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See also: Wiki arcade

Celestria's Riddles - angeltrivia.gifYou can do this every week or few days, depending on when a new trivia is uploaded. You basically answer the trivia question posted and if you answer correctly you'll receive a special prize.

Up or Down - upordown.gifHow the game works: A number will appear on your screen, you will then choose whether the next picked number will be higher or lower than the one on your screen.
The numbers are selected between 1 - 13. Limit of daily play is 25

Weather Wars - weatherwars.gifThis game is very similar to the classic game Rocks, Paper, and Scissors.
Tornado beats Wind
Cloud beats Tornado
Wind beats Cloud

Wings or Halo - wingsorhalo.gifThe game is simple and it only costs 15 Cloud Coins!
You will flilp a coin, if it lands on wings, you win the round and will double your winnings. But if you land on halo I keep all of your winnings!
You may stop the game and collect your winnings at the end of each round after the coin has been tossed and results are in.

Free Gift - giftbox.gifEveryday you are able to receive a free gift.
Get your free gift here! Go ahead, it's a gift, and it's free!
The box, you say? Well, all gifts come in a box, am I right? *giggle*

Lucky Star Match - luckystarmatch.gifStep right up and test your luck! Match 4 lucky stars and win the jackpot! Match other celestial friends and you will win some cc, but get a raindrop and you automatically lose the game!
Give it a spin? It's only 25cc per play!

What's that item? - itemsearch.gifWelcome to the item guessing game! You have 15 seconds to try and guess the name of an item that will be shown to you.
Each game costs 25cc If you win, you gain 100cc!
You are allowed to play this game 50 times a day.

Word Scrambler - letterscramble.gifWelcome to the word scrambler!
You have ten seconds to try and unscramble a word related to Kingdom Sky.
If you succeed, you earn 100cc! Each game costs 25cc. Good luck and have fun!

The Farm - water.gifWelcome to the Kingdom Sky farm! Feel free to pick some food for your guardians from our magic farm daily!

Mystery Picture Game - mpicon.gifWelcome to the Mystery Photo Game! We develop pictures all over the kingdom. Some pictures however, seem to be taken while balancing on a Kalamar's tentacle and are so distorted, even we can't figure it out. Would you mind helping us? We'll reward you with a nifty item and some cc for your trouble. Just make sure you that you submit your answer EXACTLY how it appears onsite and you only have one try, so make it count!

Are you Smarter than Mr. Professor Wiggle Bottom the Third? - sirgameicon.gifSalutations! Welcome to my fortress of knowledge. I have been called upon to provide a new challenge-one that shall test your cerebrum, problem solving skills, and perhaps even your wit! If you succeed, I shall reward you handsomely, but should you fail, you will be promptly escorted from my presence for your ignorance.

Gem Seekers - gem.gifSay hello to Kingdom Sky's first Flash Game! Gem Seeker is our little take on the classic favorite, "Snake." Use the arrow keys to change the direction your snake is moving in. Avoid running into your own tail. You can submit your score three times a day for CC of the same amount as your score.

Feeding Seeds

See also: Wiki seed list
As well as: Wiki seedling list
For more info on seeds and there forms go here: Wiki complete item list

Feeding seeds on Kingdom Sky is a very active thing. You can buy seeds at the Seedling Orchard in Calisto Falls.

The basics of feeding:
Once you get a seed you can put it in your garden for others users to water. Currently you can water one seed 15 times a day. Though you can water as many seeds as you like as long as it equals 15 for the amount used. You can have as many seeds as you want in your garden.
Once your seed reaches level:50 it becomes a seedling then matures to fully grown at level: 100
Ohh and no unfortanately you may not feed your own seed.

How to obtain these seeds:
Many seed varieties can be purchased at The Seedling Orchard in Calisto Falls.
… . Rosie Seeds and Dark Star Seeds can be obtained via a random event.
… . Hawkward Seeds can be obtained from Solon Pinatas.
… . Gisee Seeds can be obtained from White Heart Vending Bubbles.
… . Courage Seeds and Purity Seeds can be obtained randomly from Grand Opening Chests.

For more information take a peek here at the seed guide on ks



Some tips users would like to know are:

What are the best items to restock?

Well dearies, all I can say is aim your restocking towards the newest items that are released. Other than that, you should restock at Selenes Sanctum, the Seedling Orchard, and Fantastic Fashions Boutique. Those would be my three top picked shops that have items varying from wearables, seeds, icons, and sacred hearts. When the newer items are released, you should definitely make profit of it. Of course, that is, if you don't want some of those items.

The top pick for Sacred Hearts is the Sacred Bebe Heart, which will bless your pet with eternal youth.
The top picks for the boutique are the Ruffle Dresses, Sundresses, Pajamas, Animal Totes, Buns Costume, Broken mask, Silver Zilli Necklace, Fox Headbands, Butterfly Peasant Tops, and Ballet flats. That's all I can think of for the moment, and I will update with newer items.

What are the cheapest toys?

Hmm, now that's a very good question.
Now, if you mean in NPC shops compared to user shops, then I'd be glad to do some research for you.


  • - means for both shops and user shops.

NPC Shops:
Squeakers Stitchy*
Book Stitchy
Apple Stitchy
Banana Stitchy
Lolly Stitchy
Ice Sream Stitchy
Unicorn Stitchy
Jigsaw Puzzle
Jump Rope
Playing Cards
Blueberry Scented Star Dough

User shops:

-Best items to buy on a certain day for training guardians?

Wishlisting Tips


So you want to know the success of wishlisters, ayy?? Also known as wishlist fairies.

How to wishlist (send items anonymously):
Basically, you find a user to wishlist, click their wishlist, and find items you would like to gift them.
It's one of the best things to do on Kingdom Sky. Many users have wishlist wars on the Shoutbox. It's fun, keeps the site active and helps users meet new people.

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