Drakons were revealed in the latest plot. They are described as powerful Guardians of both the physical and spiritual realms, and are said to give you an edge in battle. They can be levelled in a similar manner to Guardians. Players are limited to 1 Drakon each, although extra Drakon slots can be purchased in the Premium Mall. Drakons are obtained from the Drakon Nursery on Pyrro Mountain.

There are four types of Drakon, one for each element.

Types of Drakons

Kasai (Fire)

Egg Bebe Juvenile
fire0.png fire1.png fire2.png

Jigu (Earth)

Egg Bebe Juvenile
earth0.png earth1.png earth2.png

Kaze (Air)

Egg Bebe Juvenile
air0.png air1.png air2.png

Mizu (Water)

Egg Bebe Juvenile
water0.png water1.png water2.png

Kuro (Dark)

Egg Bebe Juvenile
ZSqJyMl.png TmzqRty.png LzQrstuM.png

Stages of Growth


Drakons start out as eggs, which can be purchased from the Drakon Nursery located on Pyrro Mountain. Fire, Earth, Air, and Water eggs cost 20,000 CC each, and Dark eggs cost 100,000 CC. Players are limited to one each, unless they purchase eadditional Drakon Egg Slots for 50 HC each.


The eggs are trained in a similar manner to guardians, with the exception of the Elemental stat, which guardians don't have. Drakons have 6 stats:

  • Happiness - increased by playing with toys
  • Life - increased by eating noms
  • Intelligence - increased by reading books
  • Agility - increased by questing
  • Strength - increased by questing
  • Elemental - increased by giving the Drakon corresponding elemental crystals and shards, e.g. a fire drakon can only receive fire crystals and shards, and so forth.

Full crystals can be purchased in the Premium Mall for 15 HC, and give 3 elemental points.

ey31FYq.gif exTTTHl.gif jBZqOBV.gif nDnu4XO.gif darkelementalcrystal_zpsko0zynz1.gif

Crystal shards can be purchased from Selene's Sanctum for about 10,000 CC and give 1 elemental point each.
aWt3aEo.gif jUtcaqW.gif XIzKsYM.gif uKuNXjJ.gif darkshard_zpswumtal31.gif


Eggs hatch into juveniles once they have obtained 25 points in each of Happiness, Life, Intelligence, Agility and Strength, and 10 Elemental points.

Any special properties of juveniles are not currently known, if indeed there are any.


Bebes turn into Juveniles once they have obtained 50 points in each of Happiness, Life, Intelligence, Agility and Strength and 30 Elemental points. ** Subject to change

Battling Drakons

Battling system is currently offline.


Drakons were first mentioned in the most recent plot. This plot details Sakura's rediscovery of Drakons, which were initially discovered/created by her father, Seiki.

(Detailed plot summary required.)

Chapter 1: A Revelation...
Chapter 2: A Legacy Reforged
Chapter 3: Paradise Lost
Chapter 4: Embarkation
Chapter 5: Brotherly Intervention
Chapter 6: The Blight
Chapter 7: The Ghost Of The Battlefield
Chapter 8: Elder Questions
Chapter 9: An Enigmatic Exhumation
Chapter 10: Answers Unearthed

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