Erudi Grotto

Erudi Grotto is an underwater world occupied by the Merangel people.

Erudi Grotto Nursery


"These precious guardians were born in the warmest, calmest waters of the Erudi Grotto. That is not to say that these guardians are meek and fragile. They are fearless, graceful, and courageous protectors and battlers."

In Erudi Grotto's nursery, you'll be able to adopt one of the following guardians:





Linael's Quest


"Welcome, Air Breather. I am Linael the Musician. Music is my passion, but without inspiration, my music is lifeless. Won't you spare some of your time and gather me some items for inspiration? I shall reward you with precious shells, that will certainly be worth your time."


Linael offers quests in which players are asked to fetch one or more items. Upon successful completion of the quest, players are rewarded with seashells that can be traded in at the Sunken Treasury. There are no penalties for not completing a task, although this counts as one quest attempt, and there are only a limited amount of these per day (20 for regular players, 40 for premium players).

Seashells are worth different points, and different shells are rewarded based on how quickly a quest was completed.

Seashell Name Points How to obtain
seashell1.png Sacred Sapphire Seashell 5 points Complete quest within 5 seconds.
seashell2.png Sacred Fuschia Seashell 5 points Complete quest within 5 seconds.
seashell-5.gif Warrior Seashell 3 points Complete quest within 2 minutes.
seashell-6.gif Musical Seashell 3 points Complete quest within 2 minutes.
seashell4.png Amber Seashell 1 point Complete quest within 30 minutes.
seashell3.png Striped Seashell 1 point Complete quest within 30 minutes.

Sunken Treasure


"Hilys is my name and shell collecting is my game. Not many know of the great power within the sacred shells and they are painstaking to find. Naturally, I have better things to do with my time, like collecting treasures I find throughout my world, which I just might be willing to part with if you offer the shells that I seek."


The Sunken Treasury sells pirate and ocean themed items for points that can be redeemed by trading in seashells collected in Linael's Quests.

Items For Sale

Vera's Labyrinth


"Vera's the name and privateering is my game and can be yours too if you choose to help me. You see, I travel the skies around these kingdoms finding treasures of all sorts and kinds, but there is one world that eludes me- Erudi Grotto. I've heard word that deep within the underwater caverns there are great treasures to be found. If you can hold your breath long enough, perhaps I can tell you where these caverns are? That is if you're willing to share what you find? What do you say. I'll give you 3 tries a day, unless of course, you're a lilly livered scallywag…"


Vera's Labyrinth is a game of chance where you can choose from either left, or right. If you choose the correct option you move farther into the Labyrinth, but if you choose wrong, the game is over. At certain levels, you can win CC or even an item.

Known Prizes

There is also a highscore table for this game and the amount of times you can play rises to 6 with a premium account.

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