Icon List

This is a complete list of all items in the Icon category. Click on an item to go to the item page.

See also the Complete Item List.

  • In addition to the icons in the below list, every player has a set of the following default icons:
    airlia.gif pawblack.gif pawblue.gif bunny.gif Callisto.gif cloud.gif cookie.gif cupcake.gif dotblack.gif dotblue.gif dotgreen.gif dotorange.gif dotpink.gif dotpurple.gif dotwhite.gif dotyellow.gif fish.gif flower.gif pawgreen.gif lightning.gif lolly.gif lumi.gif moon.gif paworange.gif pawpink.gif pawpurple.gif Pyrro.gif Saki.gif Squint.gif Starry.gif sun.gif pawwhite.gif pawyellow.gif
  • Users who wear Angelic Pendant are able to use this icon: wingsicon_by_r0se_designs-d60ekzr.gif
  • Premium users are also able to use the following icons: PremiumShieldIcon.png

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