KS First Birthday

Users had to view the listed Staff member's profiles to view their journals to have gathered up 10 different clues:

Loki's - "I was gazing at empty seat across from me, wishing I could escape from this myself."
Angel's - "I was taking roll call."
Farmer's - "I seem to recall that I was two seats away from Arccy."
Jess' - "I kept getting poked by Loki the entire time with her whispering that I should kick Honesta's ankles!"
Evolf's - "I was stuck in the middle of the table, next to Jess. Couldn't someone else have taken this seat instead?"
Dracini's - "I sat next to Evolf, looking across at Arccy."
Arcinox's - "I just couldn't stop giggling! Silly Angel was kicking my feet under the table without realizing it."
Honesta's - "Eri was in the way so I kept trying to lean over her to talk with Arccy."
Erichu's - "I noticed how Angel was two seats away from me yet three from Farmer."
Arccy's - "Apparently I was talking so much that Angel had to cover my mouth with her hand. She kept scolding Loki and I for disturbing the meeting."

Although the news post for the Poll Voting happened in the 25th, this allowed 24 hours for Users to cast in their votes for a small handful of CC and a Golden Cake Icon prize.

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