NPC Guide

Hello and welcome to the Official NPC Guide! Here are listed all of the Non-Player Characters found on Kingdom Sky! They are listed by location.


The Toy Chest


Why hello there, my name is Gemma! Welcome to my stitchy and toy funorium! *giggles* Looking for a toy for your guardian, or a new stitchy to add to your collection? Then, you've come to the right place, just browse around and I'm sure you'll find it!

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Baked


Come in, come in, deary! The name's Blanca and I have some sweet and savory goodies of all sorts for you! Each one made with love and made from my very own secret recipes!

The Knowledge Atheneum


Shhh…please come in quietly. I'm Michael and I pride myself in being the most intellectual of the elders. I love to read, and I've earned my position by keeping archives of everything that happens in the kingdom. Nothing is more fascinating than a good book, and if you read it to your guardian it will make them smarter too. So feel free to browse, just remember to put any books you don't want, back in the shelves….oh and no running in the halls!

Athan's Quest


Athan, assigns quests at Athan's Quests.

Pyrro Mountain

The Chamber of Arms


Come in, I'm Gabriel and there's nothing I enjoy more than defeating evil. I have anything and everything your guardian might need to protect you and our world. If you need any help just let me know. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to tend to some iron that needs melting.

Fantastic Fashions Boutique


Oh my! You are truly in a fashion emergency! Ha,ha the name's Tiannah and I like to consider myself responsible for keeping the citizens of Kingdom Sky looking FA-BU-LOUS! Remember it's important to look as good on the outside as you are on the inside!

Sweet Dreams


Well, well look what the korah dragged in…Are you here to see me, or my delectable sweets? No matter, I'm glad you're here! The name is Kiyoshi, but my friends call me Kiki. I can assure you my candies can take you on a journey, that my brother only wish he could take you on with one of his dusty old books.

Leonardo's Quest


Leonardo, assigns quests at Leonardo's Quests.

The Colosseum


Baby Rocky, Adult Rocky and Nox, opponents in the Colosseum.

Saki Gardens

Tree Of Noms


*You hear the rustling of wind through the tree leaves as you approach* Hello, stranger. Come to sample one of my noms? Help yourself, but I warn you I produce the most unusual of noms…

Finders Keepers


Oh, hi. Seth Finders is the name, and Keepers are my game! Actually, I am rather attached to these little guys. They're quite cute, aren't they? Just make sure your guardian is up for the challenge of taking care of one of these, or they will have to answer to me.

The Pond


Finneus, watches over the Soleils in the pond.

The Blossom Bazaar


Oh hello there! Welcome to The Blossom Bazaar!
As you know my trees are precious to me and sometimes a pesky wind, causes some blossoms to float away. If you bring me my precious blossoms back I reward you with points,
which you can in turn, use to purchase special items only I have to share.
So hurry and find me those blossoms!

Lumi-Lumi Caverns

Pixel Palace


Come in, come in. Pardon my pixel dust. My name is Ada and I have been hand picked by Selene to sell her beloved pixels. I am quite the pixel aficionado so much so that even my wings are pixelated! If you need help picking the perfect pixel, let me know.

Selenes Sanctum


Welcome, Pure Heart…

I have been awaiting you. This is a sacred place, blessed by the Elders, which I've sworn to protect with my very life if need be. I have studied, and cultivated the powerful sacred heart crystals and have harnessed their power into amulets that can transform your guardians into powerful and beautiful creatures, but now I have an even more special gift to offer your guardians-the power to strengthen and transform. I have been deemed worthy by the Elders for this special gift and now I offer it to you and in return, I ask for a small donation of 1,000 cc, to help those less fortunate and help fund a special guardian Rescue Center.

The choice is yours…

Athena Seekers


Athena, assigns quests at Athena Seekers.

The Fashion Venue


Vincent Dalane here brining you the finest wears the Kingdom has to offer. Feel free to browse around the venue, granted you can afford it.

Winter Tree of Giving


Every year, when winter is at its coldest and darkest, the people of Lumi Lumi Caverns gather in a celebration of gifts, lights, and warmth. For 31 days, the kingdom resounds with the sounds of feasting and merriment, and all are welcome by the hearth. Lumi hospitality is legendary, and it is said that no guest ever goes hungry. The tradition hearkens back to the foundation of the Kingdoms, when the land could barely support its first arrivals. By opening their doors to one another, and sharing their love and hard work, they managed to build a place that has prospered ever since.

This tree, lovingly grown from a seedling by Juan and Selene and blessed by all the Elders embodies all that is good and kind from our world and does something no other tree in the Kingdom can-it presents all who visit a special gift and offering of cc. We hope you enjoy these small tokens of love and appreciaction from our beloved Tree. Thank you for making our world merry and bright!

Calisto Falls

Maries Luff Kitchen


Oh, hello sweetie! Welcome to my kitchen! I create special noms for your guardian to get big and strong. It's all thanks to my special ingredient…luff!

The Seedling Orchard


Well, look at what just blew into my garden! My name is Juan, but everyone just calls me Grandpa. *chuckles* I guess I've earned that since I'm the oldest of the elders. Here for some seedlings, eh? Well, I have plenty, just remember that seedlings don't just need water to grow, they also need love, patience, and friendship too.

Sensational Stickies


Hey, you can call me Daniel. For some reason I seem to always get myself into sticky situations. Feel free to let me know if you need anything.

Starry Cloud Isle

At The End Of The Rainbow


Well, hello kind traveler. My name is Astra. You seem worthy of my special trinkets, clothing, and treasures. Although, they are rather costly, they are certainly worth it for their exquisite workmanship and rarity.

Erudi Grotto

Linael's Quest


Welcome, Air Breather. I am Linael the Musician. Music is my passion, but without inspiration, my music is lifeless. Won't you spare some of your time and gather me some items for inspiration? I shall reward you with precious shells, that will certainly be worth your time.

Sunken Treasure


Hilys is my name and shell collecting is my game. Not many know of the great power within the sacred shells and they are painstaking to find. Naturally, I have better things to do with my time, like collecting treasures I find throughout my world, which I just might be willing to part with if you offer the shells that I seek.

Vera "Privateer" Moon's Labyrinth


Vera's the name and privateering is my game and can be yours too if you choose to help me. You see, I travel the skies around these kingdoms finding treasures of all sorts and kinds, but there is one world that eludes me- Erudi Grotto. I've heard word that deep within the underwater caverns there are great treasures to be found. If you can hold your breath long enough, perhaps I can tell you where these caverns are? That is if you're willing to share what you find? What do you say. I'll give you 3 tries a day, unless of course, you're a lilly livered scallywag…

Harrowing Sands


Celestria's Riddles


Welcome to Celestria's Riddles!
Growing up, Angely and I have always challenged each other to see who could outwit and outsmart the other, like good twin sisters do. Hee,hee But now she's been summoned by the elders for some important work and I have been entrusted with her trivia responsiblities with my own new twist-all my trivias and riddles are KS related! I hope you enjoy my new event if anyone asks, I'm the smarter sister!

Weather Wars


Cloud, Wynd, and Torny are 3 sisters with one big problem- they are always competing with each other.
One thinks they are stronger than the other and the other usually thinks that the other one well, smells.
Care to play their game? I'm sure they'd reward you if you take sides with the strongest….

Lemonius Citrovsky


I am Lemonius Citrovsky - the most magnificently affluent citrus in the world. I have traveled far and wide gathering knowledge in all topics from the most mind-boggling formulas to the most curious of worldly facts and yet, there's not much humor left once you acquire all this vast knowledge and have nothing to do with it. It was then that my mind spawned a brilliant idea. I have the riches you want and you can provide the humorous entertainment I desire. Won't you consider my proposition? I'm sure I can make it worth your time…

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