Heart Paradise
Source Special Events
Blessing 15 Guardians

Bebe Original Sterling Ruby Amber Citrine Emerald
828Hm.gif sacreddiamondheart.gif sacredsterlingheart.gif sacredrubyheart.gif sacredamberheart.gif sacredcitrineheart.gif sacredemeraldheart.gif
Sapphire Amethyst Fuchsia Starfall Seasonal Regal
sacredsapphireheart.gif sacredamethystheart.gif sacredfuschiaheart.gif R7Kue.gif paradiseheart.gif elementalheart.gif regalheart.gif
Derp Blight Stitchy Ethereal Atlantica Yang Yin
derpheart.gif cursedblightheart.gif SacredStitchyheart.gif AstralHeart.gif sacredatlanticaheart.gif maleyangwarriorheart.gif femaleyinwarriorheart.gif

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