Premium Guide

Users are able to upgrade their accounts to premium status, which offers a wide variety of features and benefits, including access to Starry Cloud Isle.


Getting a Premium Account

A premium account is obtained by activating a Sacred Premium Account Heart from the inventory. This will give 30 days of premium account privileges. The premium account can be obtained through a number of methods:

  • Purchased from the Premium Shop for 10 Heart Coins (equivalent to US$5).
  • Purchased from users. Current exchange rate is 350,000 Cloud Coins for 10 Heart Coins or 1 Premium Heart.

Premium Benefits

Starry Cloud Isle

See also Starry Cloud Isle.

Only premium users can access Starry Cloud Isle, one of the islands in the Kingdom Sky world, which contains several areas such as shops and a nursery.

At The End Of The Rainbow

See also At The End Of The Rainbow.

This shop is staffed by Astra, and sells very expensive and unique items, including clothing, icons and avatars.

Star Nursery

The star nursery offers three guardians for adoption, the Dorveon, the Eiris, and the Sidhe.



The Gifting Star

The Gifting Star gives visitors one random free item per day.

User Shops

Premium user's shops contain an Autoprice button which automatically prices all items within their shop at 1 CC lower than the lowest market price.
Their shop also appears with a bolded name in searches.

Doubled Game Plays

A premium user gets twice as many plays for:

  • Lucky Star Match (200)
  • Up or Down (50)
  • Weather Wars (60)
  • Item Guessing (100)
  • Word Scrambler (100)
  • Vera's Labyrinth (6)

World Shops

Premium users get a 5% discount on all items in all shops on the different islands. This discount does not apply to user shops.


Premium users get an additional allocation of 15 quests, for a total of 40 quests each for Athan, Leonardo and Athena.


A premium user gets a Gold, Silver or Bronze Premium Account Trophy depending on how many times they've upgraded their account.



Icon and Avatar

Premium users have the option of using a premium icon in the shoutbox: PremiumShieldIcon.png
They also have the option of using a premium avatar in the forums:

Bank Interest

Premium users get a substantial increase in bank interest. For some account types this is known to be a multiplier of 8 times, but this is yet to be confirmed for all account types.

Premium Colour: Username

A premium user is able to choose for their username to be any colour, hex code and name work. This is done through the Account Settings, and determines how their name appears in the Shoutbox, Online list, forums, shop searches and similar places. We kindly ask you please refrain from using neon or difficult to read colors. Leave blank if you do not want a premium color.

Other features to come

It has been stated that as other features and games are added to the site, the features of premium accounts will also expand. More information here.

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