Random Event Guide

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Random Events are random messages that pop up at the top of your page while exploring KS.
Many give prizes such as cc, icons, avatars and more.
In order to accept the prizes given, you must click on the 'hug' emoticon.
If you do not, an error message will appear and you will be given the chance to try again.

There are five different types of random events that can happen on any page throughout Kingdom Sky. Even on redirecting pages themselves.
The rarity of the Random events themselves vary depending on their prize or cc amount, the Nox event is said to be the very rarest of them all.

Saki Blossoms, Saki Leaves, and Snowballs periodically change with the season. It is advised that Users should turn in their points as soon as they can, that is if they are gathering points.
Friday The Kitteh RE only happens on Friday the 13th.

Just Displays Message

Image Name Message
blueberrygumball.png Breathe! If you're feeling blue, it's time for you to start breathing again.
pear.png Don't Wink (Retired) Don't wink, wink and you're… You're sad because when you were winking that Pompous Pear was in your inventory stealing your apples and potatoes :c
senortaco.png Hello Senor I have a considerable preference for that…Senor.
Bunward.png Hello! (Retired) I hope that you are having a WONDERFUL day!
angryicon.png Look! (Retired) That way! No THAT way! Your OTHER left! Great, it's gone now.. better luck next time.
octopuscutesurprize.png Oh no! (Retired) Watch out, watch out, there's a Tentacute on the loose. Quick, hide, before it tries to attach itself to you!
ShockedEggs.png Omelettes Omelets come from where???!!!!
huhfaceicon.png Rabid Duck! (Retired) A rabid duck! Run! Wait? Is there such a thing as a rabid duck?
soleil.png The Soleil are Coming! (Retired) Oh no run it's a school of Soleil, run! Oh wait they live in water okay nevermind….
DoubleRainbowBerries.gif Very Sleepy You are relaxed. You are getting sleepy, very sleepy.. Your eyes are closing.. You are asleep.. When I say the word SHABAM! you will believe you are nothing less than a fish. SHABAM!
nutty.png Watching (Retired) Stalkersquirrelisstalking.
grumpyseedling.png Go Away. Go away! I am full of angst and you are IRRITATING me. No, wait! Pet my head. Wait! Leave me alone! Wait! Do you have any sardines? Go away.
Wig_One.png Whoa! YOU are beautiful. Believe it! Because it's true! Holla!
fleur.gif Pew! Oh no, what's that smell? You just got sprayed by Fleur! Maybe it's time for a bath and a change of clothes! Ewwww.
minibebelex.png Look! Whoa! What was that? Did you see that?

Gives Cloud Coins

Image Name Message CC Range
butterflymakeup_zps89fd23eb.gif Butterfly (Retired) A butterfly gives you a kiss; you find a coin on your nose! 100-200 CC
luckystarmatchstitchy.png Falling Coins! Catch a falling…coin? and put it in your pocket. Never let the Ninjees take it away! 500-1000 CC
silverhorseshoe.gif Lucky Wow! It must be your lucky day! 500-2000 CC
CloudCoin2.png Lucky Find! Oooh! Is that something shiny you see? You have found some cloud coins! 100-1000 CC
idRLSYmrxuch0.png Panteh Knight (Retired) A swords woman tilts a panty in your favor, collect 300 cc. 300-400 CC
Grenade.png Pocket full of CC Here's a little CC to spend on that witty and chic apparel from the Boutique. 2000-5000 CC
CloudCoin4.png Super Lucky! You must be super lucky today! You have found some cloud coins on the ground… I wonder whose they were… 5000-7000 CC
TheGreatOrion.png The Great Orion You're walking along the forest and are spotted by The Great Orion. He deems you worthy of a special gift. He nuzzles you and suddenly your pocket feels heavier. You reach inside and find He's blessed you with CC 7000-15000 CC
sweettoothstitchyre.png Tooth Fairy Look under your pillow, seems like the tooth fairy has visited you! 1000-2000 CC
Peainapod.png Pooting Peas?? Pooting Peas?? Gross! Go ahead, eat one if you dare. Do it! Maybe something great will happen! 650-1150 CC
BagDubloonsedited.png It's Raining! Sparkly, shiny from above, Raining down on you with love! Ouch!! 300-500 CC

Steals Cloud Coins

Image Name Message CC Range
NinjaBlob3.png Ninja'd Oh no! Oh no! A Ninjee came and stole some of your cloud coins! You better start stashing the rest away… 100-1000 CC
poopyicon.png Sanitation Fee Uh oh! You didn't clean up after your guardian and must pay the sanitation fee to have it cleaned. Maybe next time, you will be prepared with a shovel and baggy. Have a nice day! 1-200 CC
acidwashedurbanbootcutjeans.png Oh no! Darn! You get home and realize you've been walking around with a hole in your pocket! And you've lost some Cloud Coins! Next time, better leave them in the bank or hire a tailor! 20-100 CC

Give Items

Image Name Message Rewarded Item
whitetigerstitchy.png A fluttering passerby… (Retired) I think a free hug just fluttered by… click on the hug to collect yours! Monarch Stitchy
bunny.png Attack of the Buns! (Retired) Oh-No!! A herd of wild, Bunnys? That's nothing to worry about… Claustrophobic Carrots
BlackJeweledRose.png Black Jeweled Rose (Retired) A black jeweled rose falls in front of you. You look up but can't make out where it came from Black Jeweled Rose
th_cometbook.png Comet Streaking (Retired) Did you know? Comets are composed of ices, dust and rocky debris carried from the early formation of the solar system about 4.5 billion years ago. Comet Watching
joy1.png Dark Star Seed (Retired) Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you will land among the stars. Dark Star Seed
aruoals.gif Derp Aruoal Stitchy (Retired) I smell the smelly smell of something that smells… No wait, that is just a stitchy. Derp Aruoal Stitchy
rainbowcake.png Double Rainbow Cake! A double rainbow cake! What does it mean? It means you are about to have the most delishus rainbow nom evah! Slice Of Rainbow Cake
ugiraffeiconjar.png Giraffe Icon (Retired) Hey you! Yeah you Giraffe! Get down from that there tractor! Giraffe Icon
Toiletpaper.png Gotta go? (Retired) Here, just incase your guardian has to go again… Teepee Stitchy
lolly1.png Happeh Lolly (Moved to Sweet Dreams) (Retired) This is one lolly that is worth taking from a baby, just not a baby Theon…. Lolly Of Happiness
starfallcake.gif Heavenly Cake (Retired) Twinkle, twinkle little star how I wonder how you taste… Starfall Cake
JeweledRose.png Jeweled Rose (Retired) A jeweled rose is a rare find, much like true friendship. Jeweled Rose
RainbowJeweledRose.png Late Bloomer (Retired) They say that the late bloomer is always the most beautiful of all… Rainbow Jeweled Rose
th_macandcheese.png Mmmm! (Retired) Ohhh cheesy indulgence! Try not to burn your tongue! Mac And Cheese
nimbusavatar.gif Nimbus Dove (Moved to Pixel Plaza) "A shinning light from up above, a pure creature of endless love, simply called the Nimbus Dove." Nimbus Dove Avatar
toastre.png Grab a Toast! (Moved to Pixel Plaza) Toast… toast?!?! TOAST!!!!! Toast Icon
rose1.png Roses are red… (Retired) Roses are red and this seed is pink! You have a lucky rare seed, that is simply so sweet! Rosie Seed
shootingstaritem.png Shooting Star (Retired) Walking along you slip on some clouds and fall through to a smaller cloud below. You find a single shining star by itself and decided to take it with you. Now…how to get back up? Shooting Star
flowerbasket_zps5e83e08e.gif Spring, spring is everywhere! (Retired) It seems someone left a basket of flowers at your door! Spring In A Basket
vendingmachinecoin.png Vending Machine Coin Something shiny catches your eye! What is this? A shiny gold coin with the initials VM on it…Hmmm, perhaps you should keep it? Vending Machine Coin
chubbycow_by_r0se_designs-d752clf.png Moooo! (Retired) I hope you are lactose tolerant because this stitchy has followed you home. Honey The Boo Cow Stitchy
snowglobe_by_r0se_designs-d752cld.gif Shake it Up! (Retired) Shake the snowglobe and watch the snow fall, but give it to your Drakon and it will give it 2 Earth elemental points! The Great Farm Snowglobe
chest.gif Horrific Find! A chilling wind blows and a chest appears before you in a strange swirl of smoke. Chest of Wonderous Horrors - gives one of the following: Zombicorn, Zombicorn Stitchy, Cursed Calavera Hat
lokiguardianstitchy.png Lucky Loki Find! A mysterious object materializes in front of you! It looks adorable yet the menacing glow around it makes you weary to touch it… Seishin Loki Stitchy
fridaythekitty.png dfgfoiafnoasfk (Retired) dfgfoiafnoasfk - Keyboard kitteh says hello. Oh look! He's left you a little gift! Awww … ewww. Squeaky Mouse
0Y2ey8H.png Elegant Sapphire Piercing A hot blast of desert wind blinds you for but a second, as you clear the sand from your eyes you hear a quiet scampering as if from little paws and a small, bright object glints near your feet. I wonder what it could be? Elegant Sapphire Piercing
cRzoPdV.png Purple Pixie Piercing A small furry animal zips past you, letting out a silly cackle as a cloud of purple pixie dust hits you square in the face. When you manage to blink the glitter out of your eyes you see something shining in the dust cloud. I wonder what this could be? Purple Pixie Piercing
sparkling-rose.gif Rosie Bloom (Retired) Oh you lucky dearheart! These are SOOO collectible right now! Be one of the first to get 100 of these beautiful Rosie Birthday Blooms and you're going to be in on something grand! Rosie Bloom
skironsummoningstone.png Seishin Skiron Summoning Stone While on your journey you come upon an impassable wall of fire. As you prepare to turn back you suddenly hear a hissing from behind. The wall of flames disappears and on the scarred ground is all that remains - a warm glowing stone. It appears it has chosen you. What will you do now? Seishin Skiron Summoning Stone
lumiicon.gif Brrrrr! (Retired) You look a little cold from spending so much time in the Lumi-Lumi Caverns! You need this more than I do! Black Bubble Jacket
clover.png Three Leaf Clover (Retired) Strolling through the ice and lonely clover rises among the melting snow. Three Leaf Clover
clover%20silver.png Silver Three Leaf Clover Your guardian seems to dig furiously at a patch of snow. You investigate to find a Silver Three Leaf Clover! Silver Three Leaf Clover
clover%20gold.png Gold Three Leaf Clover (Retired) You investigate a yellow glow underneath a snow patch and make a golden discovery! Gold Three Leaf Clover
clover%20rainbow%20.png Rainbow Four Leaf Clover (Retired) You follow the end of a rainbow to find a Four Leaf Clover! What a lucky find, indeed! Rainbow Four Leaf Clover
MohairMoonStitchy.png Moon (Retired) How shocking! You've been MOONED! In broad daylight no less!! Mohair Moon Stitchy
MicrofiberMarsStitchy.png Mars (Retired) Mars was always such a nice planet… why it decided to fall from the sky and crash into your face may never be fully understood! Microfiber Mars Stitchy
MilliskinMercuryStitchy.png Mercury (Retired) Mercury made extra sure that you were underneath it when it fell out orbit, after all, who else was gonna cushion the blow? Milliskin Mercury Stitchy
JerseyJupiterStitchy.png Jupiter (Retired) One would be lead to believe that a rather large planet falling from the sky and landing on you would inflict much pain… Actually, it was quite soft! Jersey Jupiter Stitchy
NylonNeptuneStitchy.png Neptune (Retired) Oh no! You've been struck by something really soft, traveling at about 15 mph… Oh, it's just Neptune, maybe take it home with you? Nylon Neptune Stitchy
SatinSaturnStitchy.png Saturn (Retired) Everyone should own a Saturn! Satin Saturn Stitchy
SeersuckerSunStitchy.png Sun (Retired) Look out! There is a giant FIREBALL coming right for you! Seersucker Sun Stitchy
TuileTerraStitchy.png Terra (Retired) Bonk! LOL! Well, that's planet earth for ya. Seriously . . here you go! Tuile Terra Stitchy
UbersuedeUranusStitchy.png Uranus (Retired) Um… something blue just fell out of the sky over there, and it was defiantly too big to be a rain drop… Upon inspection you realize it's an adorable Uranus planet stitchy! Guess it'll be orbiting around your home from now on! Ubersuede Uranus Stitchy (Retired)
VelveteenVenusStitchy.png Venus (Retired) Have you ever wondered what it would feel like if a planet fell on your head? Well! Now you know! Velveteen Venus Stitchy (Retired)
SacredGrimalkinStitchy.png From The Shadows… A mysterious stitchy appears before you and as you pick it up, it starts to glow and you can hear whispering all around you…something is coming. Sacred Grimalkin Stitchy
ZhRNPuo.png A Precious Find (Retired) "Over the moon and past the sun, do these this bundle of a miracle follow the love of a Mother through time and space. Infinite is the love that grows that forever grows. Within this stitchy resides strength, hope, and love, guard it well with all your heart." Asch Stitchy
yu9KPpa.png A Precious Find (Retired) "Over the moon and past the sun, do these this bundle of a miracle follow the love of a Mother through time and space. Infinite is the love that grows that forever grows. Within this stichy resides strength, hope, and love, guard it well with all your heart." Emellious Stitchy
dCDYwiV.png A Cursed Chest Appears Open at your own risk… Cursed Chest Of Forbidden Ruins
meowl-pinata.png Birthday Meowl Pinata (Retired) Give it a whack and find what presents Serenity is sharing with you on her birthday! Meowl Pinata
3-pinata.png Three Year Anniversary Pinata (Retired) Hip Hip Hooray! KS is turning three! Three Year Anniversary Pinata
silver-apolo.png Three Year Anniversary Derp Apollo Pinata (Retired) Thank you for making our third anniversary possible! Here is a special gift for you! Three Year Anniversary Derp Apollo Pinata
GreenWaterBalloon.png SPLASH! What was that?! (Retired) A shower of water balloons comes raining down upon you!! You had better pick up as many of them as possible before they break! You reach down and grab a Green Water Balloon! Now who to throw it at? Green Water Balloon
YellowWaterBalloon.png SPLASH! What was that?! (Retired) A shower of water balloons comes raining down upon you!! You had better pick up as many of them as possible before they break! You reach down and grab a Yellow Water Balloon! Now who to throw it at? Yellow Water Balloon
RedWaterBalloon.png SPLASH! What was that?! (Retired) A shower of water balloons comes raining down upon you!! You had better pick up as many of them as possible before they break! You reach down and grab a Red Water Balloon! Now who to throw it at? Red Water Balloon
octopuscake.png Octopus Cake Delivery! (Retired) OMG you just got delivered the amazing Octopus cake! Let us know what it tastes like! Octopus Cake
JawsCake.png Jaws Cake (Retired) …You're going to need a bigger plate! Shark Cake
LochNessMonsterCake.png Whoa Nessie! (Retired) Wow look how lucky you are! You just found the Loch Ness Moster! Well the cake that is… Loch Ness Monster Cake
OrangeSharkStitchy.png Da-dum…Da-dum…Da-dumDa-dumDa-dum (Retired) Da-dum…Da-dum…Da-dumDa-dumDa-dum Aaahhhhhh!!!! Oh wait, it's just a stitchy! WHEW! Orange Shark Stitchy
ParisTeddyStitchy.png Paris The Bear Stitchy (Retired) The dead cannot cry out for justice. It is a duty of the living to do so for them. Lois McMaster Bujold. Paris The Bear Stitchy
FrenchFlagIconJar.png French Flag Icon (Retired) Vive la France! November 13, 2015 French Flag Icon
GrimalkinAvatarJar.png Grimalkin Avatar (Retired) In the fading twilight, you can see something moving in the shadows as they begin to grow darker; moving closer, you stumble over something. Climbing up off the ground, you look down and see that someone…or something, has left you a Grimalkin Avatar! Grimalkin Avatar
seishinrosieavatarjar.png Seishin Rosie Avatar Drop! (Retired) Lucky you! You got the Seishin Rosie Avatar! Seishin Rosie Avatar
SeishinFilhoteAvatarJar.png You hear a howl… (Retired) Suddenly you hear the howl of a Filhote! Then poof! Before you appears a shiny jar. You find a Seishin Filhote Avatar! Seishin Filhote Avatar

Steals Random Item from Inventory

Image Name Message
NoxActionFigure.gif Shadows In The Night Did you see that shadow running away from your inventory? I wonder what it had in its hands.


Image Name Message Item
Yellow%20Saki%20Leaf.png A brisk wind blows… …and a glittering yellow saki leaf gently falls at your feet. What a lucky find! This is the rarest of the leaf colors and awards you 3 points! Yellow Saki Leaf
Orange%20Saki%20Leaf.png Something flutters in the wind… You jump up to grab an orange saki leaf! I'm sure Sakura will be eternally grateful if you return it to her! Orange Saki Leaf
Red%20Saki%20Leaf.png Something vibrant this way comes! You chase it and discover a red saki leaf! The most common, but still beautiful, Sakura will reward you with 1 point if you return it to her! Red Saki Leaf
BlkgolNewyearshat.png Happy New Year It's a brand new year! What better way to celebrate it than showing off your festival side like a wild animal?! Here, have an icon to go with that side of crazy! 2014 New Years Icon
blackkittehiconjar.png Friday The Kitteh Icon Message periodically changes Friday The Kitteh Icon
fridaythekitty.png Friday The Kitteh Message periodically changes Friday The Kitteh
cherryblossom.png Saki Blossom Message periodically changes Saki Blossom
cherryblossomdark.png Cursed Saki Blossom Message periodically changes Cursed Saki Blossom
cherryblossomrainbow.png Blessed Saki Blossom Message periodically changes Blessed Saki Blossom
orangesakiblossom.png Sunkissed Orange Saki Blossom Message periodically changes Sunkissed Orange Saki Blossom
yellowsakurablossom.png Mellow Yellow Saki Blossom Message periodically changes Mellow Yellow Saki Blossom
purplesakurablossom.png Royal Purple Saki Blossom Message periodically changes Royal Purple Saki Blossom
BlueSnowball.png Blue Snowball Hurry turn it in to Sakura before it melts! This snowball is worth 1 point! Blue Snowball
PurpleSnowball.png Purple Snowball Do not be confused thinking it is a giant grape, this snowball is worth 1 point to Sakura so hurry on over and turn it in! Purple Snowball
greensnowball.png Green Snowball Do not worry about why this snowball is green, all that matters is that it is worth 2 points to Sakura, so hurry on over and turn it in! Green Snowball
redsnowball.png Red Snowball His snowball is actually cherry flavored, but resist the temptation to eat it because it is worth a whopping 3 points! Red Snowball
specialgiftboxoflove.png *BBBZZZZZZT* It seems someone rang your doorbell but left a gift box at the steps. Theress no name for who its for or from except saying Happy Valentines Day, but surely they knew what they were doing. Quickly, open it up! Special Gift Box Of Love
HappyThanksgivingAvatarJar.png Thanksgiving Your stomach starts to growl and your mouth starts to drool…is that turkey you smell? Happy Thanksgiving Avatar
PumpkinPieAvatarJar.png Pumpkin Pie What is this? Pumpkin Pie - SCORE! Pumpkin Pie Avatar
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