Seishin Guardians


Seishin Cashen

Cashens are known as the tricksy ghosts of the Kingdom by citizens. Usually only found around graveyards Cashens may appear scary to some, but we can assure you the loud, disembodied cackling you may hear late at night is only this furry little jokester. Cashens appear to Pure Hearts who's sadness has grown too deeply to hide, and will try their utmost to bring a little smile to mourning Pure Hearts with their kindhearted tricks. These furry menaces are protective and big-hearted, so they need a companion who can give as much love as they get. They have an obsession with small, shiny objects and have a particular predilection for buttons. So don't be surprised if all of your buttons go missing one evening, a Cashen is probably not far away. Their wings shed sparkling dust with alarming frequency and their fur smells like night mists and grape jelly, which makes for an odd combination!
Cashens can be obtained by collecting the Purple Pixie Piercing from a Random Event.

Seishin Meowl

Potions of cuteness, a splash of pink, fur of a kitty and feather of an owl were mixed in the great Kingdom Sky pot and out came the Seishin Meowl!
The date was May 13th, the same day the lovely Serenity was born. The Meowl created an unbreakable bond with her forever!
Meowls cannot be obtained as this Seishin was a birthday gift to Serenity.

Seishin Shira

Shiras are some of the Kingdom's most elusive denizens. Mistrustful of strangers at first, the Shira prefers to travel from its desert dens only at night. Under the cover of darkness these beautiful, shy creatures scamper and play through the dunes under the blue moonlight, occasionally releasing mournful little cries as they search for a playmate. Shiras are solitary, but are known for being extremely loyal once they find that special someone who can capture their interests. Shiras mate for life, and have been known to die from broken hearts if separated from their chosen mate for any reason. Their ethereally blue eyes are whispered about in legends, and have been said to be able to look into a person's eyes and see the good and bad of a person. Because of this it's regarded as an extreme honor for any Pure Heart to become the chosen companion of a Shira, as these little vulpine are known to be excellent judges of character.
Shiras can be obtained by collecting the Elegant Sapphire Piercing from a Random Event.

Seishin Volf

Ancient lore has always been riddled with rumors of Sacred Spirit or "Seishin" guardians.
Creatures made of the dreams and even soul offerings of the Pure Hearts. Being not of this world nor the next, these species of guardians protect the boundary between the physical and spiritual world.
One of these creatures has come forth, the Seishin Volf, in part thanks to the soul essence sacrificed by our dear Lunastone and is now available for summoning if you have a Volf Stitchy and bless your guardian with it in Rainbow Falls. We are still studying these "Seishin" species and will continue providing updates as more information is discovered.
Volfs cannot be obtained anymore as the Volf Stitchy is retired.

Seishin Purizumu

The Seishin Purizumu is a very special guardian that was given on Monday, April 7, 2014 to users that have helped Kingdom Sky financially in the period between February 1, 2014 and March 31, 2014, as an appreciation gift for their patronage.
The only way to obtain the Purizumu Guardian is through the Sacred Purizumu Stitchy

Seishin Filhote

Fiercely protective of its master, this special Seishin Filhote gets its power from a single spirit-bead around its neck.
Packs of these guardians, according to legend, can be seen travelling the wild tundra at night in search of food and shelter, but only at night.
During the day they play, carefree and contented. But always watching over the one they protect.
The only person that has the ability to activate the Seishin Filhote guardian is Marcella

Seishin Aisu

The Seishin Aisu was released on September 24th 2014, as a special farewell gift to our programmer Icy.
The transformation shard can be bought in the Star Cent Shop

Seishin Skiron

The Seishin Skiron was released on September 25th 2014, as a birthday gift for Kingdom Sky's manager, Skiron. The Seishin Skiron is the biggest
guardian ever created in size up to the moment of its release.
It can only be obtained through an extremely rare random event

Seishin Loki

We happily celebrate our dear Loki's birthday. Someone who's been with us through the ups, downs, and turn-arounds and has always persevered and rose above all the obstacles that life has thrown her way.
It can only be obtained through an extremely rare random event

Seishin Rosie

So beautiful, cute and so pink! The perfect Seishin Guardian to celebrate Rosie's birthday!
The only way to obtain this Guardian is to collect 100 Rosie Blooms and trade them for the Seishin Rosie Bloom.
There's a limited amount of people that can actually obtain the Guardian that way.

Seishin Kaseki

The Seishin Kaseki, a famous Seishin dino guardian that literally came together piece by piece or should we say fragment by fragment?The Seishin Kaseki can only be obtained by completing the Lost Fossils quest.
At the end of the quest all fossilized fragments come together and the Seishin Kaseki figurine is exchanged for them.
After the last part of the adventure is presented for a limited amount of time, the Seishin Kaseki
will no longer be available.

Seishin Seraphine

Pinkie is someone who has blessed us with her friendship, love, dedication, and generosity. She has been a blessing as a community member and even further as staff. What better way to celebrate dear Pinkie's birthday than with this gorgeous Seishin?
Use an Enchanted Seraphine Egg Stitchy on one of your guardians to turn it into the Seishin Seraphine. The way to obtain an Enchanted Seraphine Egg Stitchy is by purchasing it from the Blossom Bazaar for 1,000 points.

Seishin Poensettie

This Christmas Seishin is quite the adorable ball of fur, it's green red and silver coloring is a sight to behold.
This Seishin was given out as a prize for the Twelve Days Of Gifting event held in December of 2015

Seishin Chokoreta

What's part chocolate, part Saki blossom magic, and all spoiled? A Chokoreta! A guardian that demands your doting attention at all times and who wouldn't find it irresistible? The Chokoreta has a secret weapon-it smells of rich, delicious chocolate! Try not to nibble it, as it will certainly nip back! The delic…err I mean, intrinsic Chokoreta is available in Sakura's Blossom Bazaar for the low cost of 250 points!

Seishin Zonbi

The only zombie we trust not to eat our brains, Z0mbitz has bit her way into our hearts. The kindest, sweetest, most caring soul you will ever meet- She has blessed all of us with her friendship and love. The Seishin Zonbi was released to celebrate Z0mbitz's birthday! The cursed zonbi stitchy will change your guardian into the Seishin Zonbi and is available in the Blossom Bazaar for 1000 points

Seishin Grimalkin

Eons ago, there was a great war between a clan of Grimalkin and Korahs over territorial dominance. The Korahs won, however the Grimalkins were not defeated, they simply slipped into the shadows of Kingdom Sky always vigilant, allowing themselves to be seen by those who own the sacred stitchy which beckons to them…. The Seishin Grimalkin was released to celebrate Forcryinoutloud's birthday! The Sacred Grimalkin Stitchy will change your guardian into the Seishin Grimalkin and is found through a rare random event

Seishin Aetherius

A seishin created in honor of Ethereal, who passed away in March of 2015; this seishin was released on September 1st, Ethereal's birthday, in celebration of his life. He is and will continue to be greatly missed by all those who knew him. The Seishin Aetherius Stitchy will change your guardian into the Seishin Aetherius and was only available to those who donated to NAMI in Ethereal's memory for a week after its release

Seishin Imori

It is said that when Winter has truly taken hold, and the nights are bitterly
cold, that deep within the heart of Saki Gardens, a glow can be seen on a certain
night of the year. The glow comes from a lantern, so the story goes; a special
lantern that glows from palest pink to deepest red and has the power to call a very
special guardian forth to the pure heart blessed enough to find this sacred item.
The Seishin Imori was created for the Conflicted Hearts Valentine Event 2016
and was funded by Forcryinoutloud & Eri.
How to obtain a Seishin Imori Summoning Lantern is currently unknown.

Seishin Kinenbi

Once a year in the forests of Saki Gardens there is a sacred tree that produces golden acorns. These acorns are imbued with all the love, hope and community spirit that Kingdom Sky was founded on. If you are lucky enough to find one of these golden acorns, you will hold the secret to finding the elusive Seishin Kinenbi! A seishin created in honor of Kingdom Sky's 4th Birthday.
The Golden Acorn will change your guardian into the Seishin Kinenbi and was only available from the Anniversary Galleria

Seishin Kringle

There is a well known story in Kingdom Sky, whispered around a roaring fire, with warm drinks, and loved ones there to share… On an especially cold and dark December night in Kingdom Sky, something amazing happened to a very grumpy Karhu. There are many versions to the tale of what exactly happened that night; some believe it was the Elders, some believe it was magic, some believe it to be something else entirely. The one thing they all agree on though, is that something wonderful happened that night, something that changed not only one grumpy Karhu, but all of Kingdom Sky. And now you've been granted the chance to share in Kringle's story!
The Seishin Kringle Summoning Stitchy will change your guardian into the Seishin Kringle.

Seishin Poseidon

This sacred crystal is imbued with the power to turn your guardian into the legendary Seishin Poseidon! These crystals are very rare and anyone that is lucky enough to own one is blessed indeed!
The Seishin Poseidon Transformation Crystal will change your guardian into the Seishin Poseidon and is available in the Premium Mall for 20HC.

Seishin Kujaku Neko

A rare crystal blessed with the power to turn your guardian into a Seishin Kujaku Neko when used at Rainbow Falls.
The Seishin Kujaku Neko Transformation Crystal will change your guardian into the Seishin Kujaku Neko and is available in the Premium Mall for 20HC.

Enchanted Seishin Shika Lantern

As the old year fades and a new year dawns, in the coldest hours between the eve of the year's last day and the new year's first day, those lucky few may find their eyes drawn to a twinkling light in the distance. A light that bears witness to the birth of a very special Seishin in Kingdom Sky; the Seishin Shika.
The Enchanted Seishin Shika Lantern will change your guardian into the Seishin Shika and was available in the Limited Time Offers Section of the Premium Mall for a very short time from New Year's Eve to January 2nd of 2017.

Aladdins Lamp

Found deep within Harrowing Sands, this lamp has strange and special qualities that the bearer of it will just have to find out for themselves.
Aladdins Lamp will change your guardian into the Seishin Djinn and is available from Porphyrios' Market in Harrowing Sands for 1,000,000 CC.
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