Special Stitchy Guide
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There are many adorable stitchies on Kingdom sky, as you no doubt have noticed, but some of them are quite special with a rarity of 101 or higher. This guide will tell you where the stitchy came from. As to whether it is obtainable, all stitchies are available (except the ones in the premium shop) to be chosen as your prize if you win first place in one of our several monthly contests, or through trading with or buying from another user. Occasionally the site will also reuse stitchies that were given out as participation prizes, or arcade game prizes in other ways to increase the number of them available on site.

This page is a work in progress


Stitchy Image Name of Stitchy Where it came from
StitchyBunnySeedling3.png Floofeh Stitchy Grown from the Floofeh Seed
DuckyStitchySeedling3.png Quackers Stitchy Grown from the Quakers Seed
SeedlingStitchy3.png Stitch Grown from the Stitch Seed
SeedlingSunflower3.png Sunnee Stitchy Grown from the Sunnee Seed
ocelotseedling3.png Ozzee Stitchy Grown from the Ozzee Seed
GiantTigerStitchy.gif Tigre Stitchy Given as a Birthday Bash Prize
AsianDragonStitchy.gif Aurell Stitchy Can be obtained in the Blossom Bazaar for 100pts
kikubunny.png Kiku Bun Bun Stitchy Found in the Pink Oval Vending Bubble
th_foxehstichy_animation.gif Tigre Stitchy Found in the Space Sphere Vending Bubble
GiantTigerStitchy.gif Tigre Stitchy Given as a Birthday Bash Prize
HappyRainbowStitchy.png Happy Rainbow Stitchy Found in the Talula Pinata
StarStitchy.png Star Stitchy Found in the Luna Pinata
GrandOpeningGiftStitchie.png Grand Opening Stitchy Found in the Kalamar Pinata
LoaStitchy.png Loa Stitchy Found in the Lex Pinata
lunastitchy-1.png Grand Opening Luna Stitchy Found in the Grand Opening Treasure Chest
jbyQ4HhozWvFaz.png Courage Stitchy Given as a referral prize
ibzrSQTeZPBFeq.png Samurai Bun Stitchy Given as a referral prize
ibz004hJpyJY1F.gif Hope Bear Stitchy Found in the premium shop
shibapup.png Anuk Stitchy Contest Participation Prize
RedTractorStitchy.png Red Tractor Stitchy Barnyard Idol 2012 Participation Prize
PiggyFIX.png Pink Piggy Stitchy Found in Star Pinata
Chipmunk.png Chipmunk Stitchy Found in Xyno Pinata
Toiletpaper.png Teepee Stitchy Random Event
SmilieFIX.png Smiley Stitchy Found in Star Pinata
Cardinal.png Cardinal Stitchy Found in Xyno Pinata
Rainbow_Squid.png Rainbow Squiddy Stitchy Found in the premium shop
zebrastitchy.gif Zebra Stitchy Arcade Game Prize
snowmanstitchy.png Snowman Stitchy Arcade Game Prize
snowballstitchy.png Snowball Stitchy Arcade Game Prize
LxQJy.png Hipster Penguin Stitchy Found in Wintry Frost Treasure Chest
grumpymuffin.png Grumpy Muffin Stitchy Arcade Game Prize
peachkawaiiowlstitchy.png Peach Kawaii Owl Stitchy Arcade Game Prize
stitchypot_zpsd7a984d1.png Pot Of Gold Stitchy Door Prize
cloverstitchy_zps8c8f6d5f.png Clover Stitchy Door Prize
SpringLucyStitchy.png Lucy Stitchy Arcade Game Prize
wingedteddystitchy.png Winged Teddy Stitchy Arcade Game Prize
FlyingPigStitchy.png Spring Piglet Stitchy Cloud Mystery Gift Box
easterchick_by_r0se_designs-d5xwii7.png Spring Chick Stitchy Cloud Mystery Gift Box
pupstitchy.png Puppy Stitchy Arcade Game Prize, Then Door Prize
elephant.png Baby Elephant Stitchy Starry Mystery Gift Box
bumbeebear.png Bumble Bear Stitchy Starry Mystery Gift Box
grumpystarstitchy.png Grumpy Star Stitchy Arcade Game Prize
uzWdHOF.gif Sapphire Ophion Stitchy Sunken Oceanica Treasure Chest
jaret.png Owl Stitchy Talanos Pinata
evolfstitchy.png Volf Stitchy Toy Chest Originally, Now Retired
anniversarybear.gif 1 Year Anniversary Teddy Arcade Game Prize
iqQXxEd.gif Regal Talanos Stitchy Chest of Celestial Awakening
sacredapollostitchy.gif Sacred Apollo Stitchy Premium Mall
sacredcalliestitchy.gif Sacred Callie Stitchy Premium Mall
SacredKalamarStitchy.gif Sacred Kalamar Stitchy Premium Mall
SacredEirisStitchy.gif Sacred Eiris Stitchy Premium Mall
SacredDorveonStitchy.gif Sacred Dorveon Stitchy Premium Mall
pinkleafstitchy.png Pink Leaf Stitchy Contest Participation Prize
fennecfoxstitchy.png Fennec Stitchy Arcade Game Prize
sacredkendistitchy.gif Sacred Kendi Stitchy Premium Mall
sacredkorahstitchy.gif Sacred Korah Stitchy Premium Mall
sacredlexstitchy.gif Sacred Lex Stitchy Premium Mall
sacredophionstitchy.gif Sacred Ophion Stitchy Premium Mall
purpleleafstitchy.png Purple Leaf Stitchy Arcade Game Prize, Then Door Prize
536515_original.gif Dark Theon Stitchy Chest of Phantom Shadow
sleepyheartstitchy.png Sleepy Heart Stitchy Contest Participation Prize, Then Door Prize
vVc9WTN.png Enchanted Koi Stitchy Treasure Chest Of Harmonious Meditation
applewormstitchy.png Apple Stitchy Arcade Game Prize
pumpkinstitchiecopy_zps68caf23e.png Pumpernickel The Pumpkin Stitchy Frightfully Festive Goodie Bag
ghost-stitchies-overjoyed_zps297f99bc.png Giggles The Ghost Stitchy Toy Chest then Retired (Halloween 2013)
monsterstitchy-red_zpsb7aa8652.png Fredric The Cyclops Stitchy Toy Chest then Retired (Halloween 2013)
monsterstitchy-purple_zps97419a60.png Jeffrey The Cyclops Stitchy Toy Chest then Retired (Halloween 2013)
monsterstitchy-blue_zps7b6fce37.png Henry The Cyclops Stitchy Toy Chest then Retired (Halloween 2013)
ghost-stitchies-puckeredpurple_zps529e8e42.png Miskiss The Ghost Stitchy Toy Chest then Retired (Halloween 2013)
ghost-stitchies-sleepyorange_zps0ab3ccf0.png Dozy The Ghost Stitchy Toy Chest then Retired (Halloween 2013)
ghost-stitchies-redtongue_zps994c676b.png Grumprump The Ghost Stitchy Toy Chest then Retired (Halloween 2013)
5a9nJau.png Brothers Stitchy Participation in Twin Staffs Mini Plot
frankystitchy.png Franky The Stitchy Arcade Game Prize
limestitchy.png Lime Stitchy ?
goldenleafstitchy.png Golden Leaf Stitchy ?
ElkStitchy.png Elk Stitchy Autumn Vending Bubble
buckdeerstitchycopy_zps86a452f6.png Buck Stitchy ?
lemonstitchy.png Lemon Stitchy Arcade Game Prize
5FzY7RP.png Ermine Stitchy Chest Of Wintery Solstice
specialbear.png Merry Teddy Stitchy Winter Tree Of Giving
holidayplush-snowflake_zps04cceddf.png Frostie The Teddy Stitchy Winter Tree of Giving, then Door Prize
Vc02Qdh.png Limited Edition Winter Korah Stitchy ?
frozensnowmanstitchy.png Violet The Snowman Stitchy Arcade Game Prize
3p5loLq.png Limited Edition Winter Orion Stitchy ?
V5yDt5N.png Shadeling Stitchy Treasure Chest Of Dark Conquest
Yg5EXjK.png Sacred Karhu Stitchy Star Cent Shop
f3ogQem.png Limited Edition Winter Karhu Stitchy ?
zJPWvwL.png Limited Edition Winter Aruoal Stitchy ?
kalamar-stitchy-original_zps8a414cbf.png Original Kalamar Stitchy Arcade Game Prize
cherrypie-stitchy_zps5915e937.png Cranky Cherry Pie Stitchy Arcade Game Prize
oPHAkhx.png Limited Edition Winter Apollo Stitchy ?
Oh0i7fL.png Year Of The Apollo Stitchy ?
jGvrToA.png Lovely Cocoa Teddy Stitchy Chest Of Delectable Desires
chubbycow_by_r0se_designs-d752clf.png Honey Moo Moo Stitchy Random Event
valentinebearstitchy.png Valentino Bear Stitchy Door Prize
vdayteddystitchy_zpsbcba8929.png Vday Teddy Stitchy ?
lovesick-karhu_zps17291f72.png Limited Edition Lovestruck Karhu Stitchy Arcade Game Prize
lovesick-orion_zps2d71e147.png Limited Edition Lovestruck Orion Stitchy Premium Mall
lovesick-kalamar_zps43851246.png Limited Edition Lovestruck Kalamar Stitchy Premium Mall
lovesick-korah_zpse2d499a8.png Limited Edition Lovestruck Korah Stitchy Premium Mall
4Ea9yzZ.png Lucky Rainboo Bear Stitchy Chest Of Wondrous Adventures
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