To-Do List and Suggestions

This is a helpful to-do list for this Wiki. If you'd like to help out this could provide ideas of where to start out. If there's something you'd like to see, add it to the list of suggestions below and if it's viable it'll be listed in the to-do list and eventually incorporated. You are, of course, more than welcome to implement it yourself.

To-Do List

  • Categorise the guardian colours. List them both by species and by colour. Suggested by Afterglow.
  • Plots.


  • List of what quest gives which stats. Suggested by Rabbit.
  • A guide for newbies for what they should start to do and what they can do. Suggested by KallenTu.
  • A guide for training your guardian (Why you would want to train/level it. How to increase skills. How the Coliseum works and when to battle what. How weapons work.) Suggested by KallenTu.
  • A page for User Shops. Suggested by KallenTu
  • Pages for Auctions, and Trades. Suggested by KallenTu
  • Random Event Guide. Suggested by Kryzteenah
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