Trophies are prizes given out during contests and site-wide events. They are displayed on a user's profile directly above one's guardians. Many users enjoy collecting these trophies as proof of their achievements.

Grand Opening Trophies


Awarded to users who signed the Grand Opening Memory Book in the forums during the Grand Opening Event. It is no longer available.

Angel of the Week Trophy


Prize for users who earned the title of Angel of the Week. This is no longer given out on a weekly basis, but it is on rare occasions given to members who exemplify outstanding community involvement. However, specific requirements unknown. Quote from Farmer in the news: “The award has not been removed from use. We will just be more diligent now as to whom we present it to and be a little stricter on the requirements to receive such distinction.”

Best Dressed Trophy


Awarded to users who win the Fashionista Contest in either Standard or Premium Categories.

Saki Garden Plot


Given to users who collected prizes in the Saki Gardens Plot. It is no longer available.

Staff Trophy


Given to all staff members. Once a staff member is no longer on staff, it is taken away.

Safe Hacker Trophies

SafetyboxBronze.png SafetyboxSilver.png SafetyboxGold.png

Awarded for cracking the Safe Hacker Code in the arcade. Breaking the code once gives you a bronze trophy. It is assumed that breaking the code multiple times will lead to the silver and gold trophies, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Garden Trophies

SeedlingTrophyBronze.png SeedlingTrophySilver.png SeedlingTrophyGold.png rainbowseedtrophy_by_r0se_designs-daak0e3.gif

Receive the Bronze Trophy for having grown 10 seeds.
Receive the Silver Trophy for having grown 50 seeds.
Receive the Gold Trophy for having grown 100 seeds.
Receive a rainbow trophy for growing 250 seeds.

Do note that removing a seedling does not count towards your seed count total, and will not count towards the trophies.

Athan Quest Trophies

athanquestbronze.gif athanquestsilver.gif athanquestgold.gif

Awarded for completing Athan Quests. Quests do not have to be completed cumulatively.
Receive the Bronze for completing 49 quests. Silver is 199 quests and gold is 499 quests.

Athena Quest Trophies

athenaquestbronze.gif athenaquestsilver.gif athenaquestgold.gif

Awarded for completing Athena Quests. Quests do not have to be completed cumulatively.
Receive the Bronze for completing 49 quests. Silver comes at 199 and gold at 499.

Leonardo Quest Trophies

leonardoquestbronze.gif leonardoquestsilver.gif leonardoquestgold.gif

Awarded for completing Leonardo Quests. Quests do not have to be completed cumulatively.
Receive the Bronze for completing 49 quests. Silver takes 199 quests and gold takes 499.

Barnyard Idol


Participants of Barnyard Idol got either a bronze or silver medal depending on their accumulated points in the three round event. The player with the highest amount of points at the end received the gold barnyard trophy. These trophies are not currently available, but there is word that a second Barnyard Idol is in the works.

Caption Contest


Awarded for placing first, second, or third in a site-wide Caption Contest. The funniest entries are chosen by staff and then voted on by the community.

Coloring and Art Contest Trophies


Awarded for winning a site-wide Coloring or Art Contest. The trophy images are the same for both contests but the description on one's profile changes depending on the contest won.

Referral Trophies


Do note that the referral system has been taken down and none of these trophies are available. But when they were, here were the solutions:

Bronze Megaphone by referring 5 people.
Silver Megaphone by referring 15 people.
Gold Megaphone by referring 50 people.
Halo Megaphone by referring 100 people.
Crystal Trophy by referring 250 people.
Star Trophy by referring 500 people.

Poetry Contest Trophies


Win a site-wide Poetry Contest.

Book War Trophies


Prize for accumulating a particular amount of points during the annual Book War, an event during the Season of Knowledge (August). Specific point goals unknown.

Sir Wigglebottom Challenge Trophies


Awarded during the Season of Knowledge to those who answered Mr. Professor Sir Wigglebottom The Third Challenge(s) correctly. If a user answered one correctly, they got a bronze trophy. If a user answered more than one correctly, they got a silver trophy. No one answered enough correctly to earn the gold trophy, and Mr. Professor Sir Wigglebottom himself won it.

This event was separate from the 'Are you Smarter than Mr. Professor Wiggle Bottom the Third?' game in the arcade, which currently awards no trophies.

The Great Drought Trophy


Awarded to those who took part in watering the Farm during The Great Drought Plot. Awarded alongside plot prizes. No longer available.

Baking Contest Trophies


Awarded for winning a site-wide baking contest.

Premium Account Trophies


Given to premium account users. Bronze is awarded for the first time you activate a premium account heart. Subsequent silver and gold trophies are based on the number of times you upgrade. Upgrade your account for six months and get the silver trophy. Currently unknown how many times for gold. The trophy disappears once your account upgrade runs out, but will return when you re-upgrade your account.

Beta Tester Trophy


Awarded to the 35 beta testers during the opening and re-opening stages of KingdomSky. Currently unobtainable.

Grand Holiday Spirit


This White Gold Trophy was awarded to the three Grand Holiday Spirits, winners of the Holiday Spirit Contest.


This was the participation trophy for the Holiday Spirit Contest.

Wishlist Trophies


Grant 100 wishes for a bronze trophy
Grant 500 wishes for a silver trophy
Grant 1000 or more wishes for a gold trophy

Gem Seeker Trophies


You can obtain them by collecting a certain number of gems in Gem Seekers.

Bronze: 10,000 Points
Silver: 15,000 Points
Gold: 20,000 Points

Profile Contest Trophies


Awarded for winning a site-wide Profile Decorating contest.

Starfall Trophies


You can obtain them by scoring a certain number in Starfall. Bronze takes 20,000 points. Silver takes 45,000 points, and 80,000 is the score for gold.

Staff Appreciation Trophy


The Staff Appreciation Award will be awarded to staff members who have demonstrated loyalty, diligence, sacrifice, and are consistently responsible with their duties and often go above and beyond to make KS a special place for our Users.

Staff members who receive this award will not only get the beautiful trophy shown above, but will be commemorated with their very own stitchy!

Patron Awards

bronzesupportertrophy.gif silversupportertrophy.gif goldsupportertrophy.gif rainbowsupportertrophy.gif

These lovely shiny trophies are the Monthly Patron Awards.
They will be awarded to the top 4 monthly site patrons as well as ONE wishlist item of their choice, no matter where it restocks or if it has been retired.
Users also have the choice of keeping their name anonymous.
ETA: In 2015 these trophies are now being given out to those who purchase one of the patron packages

Guardian Spotlight Trophies


Awarded for winning a site-wide Guardian Spotlight Contest.

Gallery Coordination Trophies


Awarded for winning a site-wide Gallery Coordination Contest.

Kingdom Sky Birthday Bonanza Trophy


Awarded to participants that helped Amelia, Marie's daughter, in gathering various items for three separate stages as well as voting in a poll for Kingdom Sky's First Anniversary. Currently unknown if it will not be reused for another anniversary or not.

Photo Contest Trophies

derptrophyblue.gif derptrophypurple.gif derptrophypink.gif

Awarded for winning one of the site-wide monthly Photo Contests.

Guardian Stat Trophies

goldguardianaward.png silverguardiantrophy.png guardianbronzetrophy.png

Awarded to the top guardians! Guardians must have all stats leveled to at least 100, with at least one stat 1000 or higher. These trophies were awarded to the top three highest leveled guardians. (Currently not being awarded)

Highest Stat Guardian Trophies

DiGLavG.gif H6q3cTh.gif a0yzikb.gif HRbyUXp.gif vf0gJvm.gif

Awarded for reaching 500 points in the following stats: Agility, Happiness, HP, Intelligence, and Strength.

Trivia Palooza Trophy


Awarded for winning Skiron's Trivia Palooza Event.

The Stocking Exchange


Awarded for taking part in The Stocking Exchange during the month of December.

Monthly Quotables

goldtrophbook.gif booksilvertroph.gif bronxetrophbook.gif

These trophies are awarded to the top three point earners in the monthly quotables game.

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