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Welcome to the worlds page!
The worlds of Kingom Sky are know to be floating isles in the vast blue skies, that always stand still in a constant.
They can be acessed by the "Fly" option. Most habitants of KS posses wings or the hability of using floating magic, making the travels a easier task than it looks.

Ancient files found in the Knowledge Atheneum state the following records:

"Deep inside each of the floating worlds are special sacred crystals. The same crystals that form Sacred Hearts.
These crystals are pure, and of insurmountable power. Different crystals have different powers such as healing, transformation, and to negate the evil powers.
In the right hands, they sparkle and glow like the sun, in the wrong hands it becomes dark, dull, and disintegrates."

Please, select a destination you'd like to study:

Pyrro Mountains
Saki Gardens
Lumi-Lumi Caverns
Calisto Falls
Starry Cloud Isle
Erudi Grotto

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